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Welcome To Lion Group Holdings

Lion Group Holdings Limited, located in Hong Kong, is an independent advisory firm with a global reach; dedicated to ensuring our clients grow and preserve their wealth. Through tailored planning and unbiased advice, we are proud to provide a wide spectrum of services which enables us to pursue the best path forward for each individual. Our team focus is to develop long term relationships with our clients, increasing our ability to determine how affluence can be used to obtain their goals in life.

We operating in a multicultural, family-like environment which allows us to leverage diverse perspectives when finding solutions to complicated financial issues. While the unique needs of our clients often change, we serve their priorities with a commitment that never falters. Lion Group Holdings Limited was established to keep our client’s best interests as top priority, and almost a decade later this still remains the cornerstone of our business.


Asset Management

Our investment approach differs from traditional investment management firms; we employ a hybrid approach. Lion Group Holdings are not committed to internal or external management in any particular proportion. We complement our internal solutions with a combination of outside managers that provides a level of diversification, insight and perspective that goes beyond what we are able to generate internally.

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Wealth Management

To us, wealth management is about understanding the personal and professional goals of each client in order to structure and coordinate a comprehensive solution designed to achieve long-term financial freedom and security. Asset allocation and investment selection are key components of this picture. To fully understand your financial situation, we consider many facets that can provide critical context for an optimal investment strategy.

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Risk Management

No matter how well you plan your financial future, if specific attention isn’t paid to your personal and business assurance risk cover, even the finest strategies can fall apart. Say for example that you are disabled, lose the ability to work, or even die while you're still creating your wealth, your family could be placed under extreme financial stress at a time when they could least afford it. As part of your financial road map we "risk-test" your portfolio and actively look...

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Offshore Strategies

Your local financial institution may present the appearance of offering equity products that are global in their scope but increasingly these products are proprietary in nature. A further limitation is that these products are also subject to your local taxation rules. By moving a portion of your assets offshore, into jurisdictions with strong privacy protection one can both protect those assets and realize further growth in products unavailable locally without punitive capital gains taxation.

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Market News



The Culture

Clients can be assured we pride our self on fair treatment of all clients whether they be brand new or longstanding. This approach is central to our outlook and company culture.

The Targeting

All of the products and services we promote are heavily researched before being suggested to retail clients. Additionally clients have specific needs so the products are targeted accordingly.

The Advice

Tailored advice is given so that a clients circumstances are taken into account. Clients will be supported before, during and after any purchase.

The Delivery

We deliver strong profits consistently. Clients expect products that perform well coupled with a professional informative approach. This is what we deliver.

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