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The future is not static, so our process is designed to adapt to shifting markets as well as your evolving goals. Our mission is to understand and protect your assets, your future interests, and your legacy. Whilst at the same time bringing high quality well researched opportunities to your table to assist in developing your wealth.

You are unique, and your investments path should reflect that. Lion Group Holdings partners with you to ensure your financial goals are attained, so that you have the choices and security that matter to you moving into the future.

Asset Management

Lion Group Holdings approach to the markets contrasts from traditional investment management firms as we use a hybrid model.


We do not abide to any fixed proportion of internal or external management. We balance our internal solutions with a combination of high quality external managers which provides a level of insight, perspective and diversification that improves upon what we are able to create internally. We invest across a variety of both traditional and alternative asset classes, allowing opportunity to guide us.


Traditional Asset Management


We provide a wide range of traditional asset management solutions that support the tailored needs of our diverse client base.


Alternative Asset Management


Lion Group Holdings is an significant and active sponsor of investment methods that focus on non-traditional classes – these include hedge funds and private equity. Our strategies in this alternative field is to provide a level of choice and diversification that typically would not be available in a more traditional investment plans.


STOCKS - (Traditional) Our equity exposure is a mixture of internal and external managed strategies, where we try to see beyond short term volatility and invest in what we believe are high quality stocks showing attractive prices.


BONDS - (Traditional) Preserving our client's wealth is paramount. Our fixed income bond choices vary from short to medium, with a variety of taxable, tax-exempt and core blend options in any portfolio.


PRIVATE EQUITY - (Alternative) Opportunities in private equity are rigorously managed with niche internally managed or with third party investment managers


HEDGE FUNDS - (Alternative) Lion Group Holdings can carefully select and leverage a proprietary stock selection we do this internally then with our solid relationships with expert external managers we construct high performance portfolios.

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