Lion Group Holdings Views Asia's Rising Economic Prospects

Lion Group Holdings is committed to identifying the finest investment opportunities with our local neighbors and partners in the Asian Continent. The value of Asia within the global economic community, cannot be underestimated. It is very large and growing; the continent already accounts for one third of the worlds GDP; stated by the World Bank.

While the bigger economies of India and China get the most of the news, other countries within the region, particularly in South East Asia are also contributing firmly to that growth. Within the next two decades Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam are lined up to become much bigger players on the international economic front. Indonesia in particular has huge potential and could eclipse the GDP of Japan and Germany.

PWC recently projected these details for the largest global economies by 2050. GDP at PPP.

  • China - 58499
  • India - 44128
  • United States - 34102
  • Indonesia - 10502
  • Brazil - 7540

Lion Group Holdings will keep our clients and prospective clients informed periodically of financial market developments in Asia. Due to our location we wish to strengthen existing partnerships and explore new investment opportunities within the region. This commitment and approach will grant us many opportunities moving forward and allow us to play our part in the development of the region. This is part of our growth strategy which will bring many great investment opportunities for our clients. Our commitment to our clients is to continuously strive to exceed their expectations in terms of service and finding the very best opportunities available in the global markets.

Lion Group Holdings is a specialist wealth advisor that guides clients to truly explore the full potential of their hard-earned money. We achieve this through hard work, acute market knowledge and extended client engagement with strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust. For us you can be assured that you are not just a number, we're interested in your aspirations and goals.

Our steps to success are to fully appreciate your needs, then build a unique strategy. With the strategy we implement and manage a financial roadmap for you or your business. Our method breeds success. We continuously work on this for you so that you have confidence that it will be managed well and built upon moving forward.

Lion Group Holdings Limited

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